September 13, 2021

Rock Creek Far West Study–chance for more bike lanes!

DDOT’s ongoing Rock Creek Far West (RCFW) Liveability Study will set the agency’s transportation priorities for the far Western part of the city–from Massachusetts Avenue south to the Potomac River. Cyclists have an opportunity to ensure that their priorities are included in the study but need to speak up now!

The RCFW study area is as follows:

This part of Washington DC has a need for better bike lanes. W3BA’s priorities (guided by the MoveDC study) include:

  • An off-street bike trail on Massachusetts Ave
  • Restoration of the Palisades Trolley Trail
  • A protected cycletrack on Arizona
  • Bike lanes and/or trails on Nebraska Ave, Rockwood Parkway and Loughboro Road (ANC 3D recently passed a resolution in support of this concept)

You have two options to be sure that DDOT hears your priorities (you can do both!):

  1. Go to the interactive map and see if your idea already has a comment. If it has, then add a comment indicating your support or click the “I agree” button. If your idea isn’t listed, then add a comment bubble.  
  2. Email the project team at and Ted Van Houten, DDOT’s project manager, at

DDOT will take all of this feedback and present draft recommendations to the community at a public workshop on Saturday May 18 2019, from 11 AM – 1 PM at Stoddert Elementary.

One example of how DDOT has used studies like this in the past is the Rock Creek East II Liveability Study, completed in September 2016. DDOT is in the process of making some of the specific changes laid out by the study.

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