W3BA testifies on Vision Zero

Councilmember Cheh held a hearing on Vision Zero this past week. W3BA testified on the importance of building out bike infrastructure as part of the effort to reach the goals of Vision Zero. Read our testimony here.


A win for cycling and calmer traffic on Reno Rd.

It’s with much delight that Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA) welcomes new bike lanes on Reno Rd. between Tilden and Van Ness Sts., nearing completion today. These bike lanes make cycling safer for people who bike as well as turn...


New Ward 3 Rep to Bike Advisory Council

All, I posted this to the W3BA listserv last week, but in case you are not on that, here is some back information about me, Warren Gorlick, the new rep to the District’s Bicycle Advisory Council. ——– I wanted to...


W3BA Priorities Map

Have you ever wondered what Ward 3 could look like with safe bike infrastructure designed to enable people to get to work, schools, and restaurants safely and with a minimum of stress would look like? We here at Ward 3...


Reno Rd. Bike Lanes to Be Voted on by ANC3F on 6/18/19

If you’d consider biking more often on Reno Rd. in the Van Ness area if it were bike-friendly, now is the time to weigh in. ANC3F will be considering bike lanes on Reno Rd. between Van Ness St. and Tilden...


Rock Creek Far West Study–chance for more bike lanes!

DDOT’s ongoing Rock Creek Far West (RCFW) Liveability Study will set the agency’s transportation priorities for the far Western part of the city–from Massachusetts Avenue south to the Potomac River. Cyclists have an opportunity to ensure that their priorities are...


New bike lanes on Woodley Place?

At ANC 3C’s meeting on Monday,  March 18, the Commissioners will discuss a proposal from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to add bike lanes to Woodley Place (see below for DDOT’s formal request). These bike lanes would fill in...


New Bike Racks in Ward 3

by Paul DeMaio, Van Ness Ward 3 is getting new bike racks! You may have already noticed many of the inverted “U”-style racks popping up over the past couple of months. So far, the new racks have been installed around...