W3BA priorities–Summer 2022


NameDescription / StatusTimeline
1Connecticut AvenueThe Mayor has announced a redesign of Connecticut Avenue from Legation to Calvert. W3BA is advocating for any change to include a focus on safety and multimodal transportation, including bicycle lanes.Current timeline has the installation occurring in FY25.
2New Mexico / Tunlaw / 37thProvides a connection between AU and Georgetown, and to Hardy Middle School and the new MacArthur High School.DDOT installed protected bike lanes on New Mexico and Tunlaw to Calvert in 2024.
3Mass AveThis would be a widened sidewalk (multi-use trail). Project would stretch from Westmoreland Circle (Western Ave) to Sheridan Circle (R / 23rd Sreets). DDOT has begun studying this project. Key corridor for commuters downtown.Work could potentially begin in 2024, but the entire project would stretch beyond that.
4Nebraska AveThis is a key route for AU, and for children biking to Deal and Wilson.

The safe bike route should extend all the way to Military.

DDOT has been installing a widened sidewalk in 2022 from New Mexico to Van Ness St. (nearly Wisconsin).

No plans yet in the works for the rest of Nebraska. The sidewalk is as narrow as 4 feet wide in places, though in most spots could accommodate widening

5Ward 3 east-west connectorConnection needed between the Van Ness and AU neighborhoods. Van Ness is the logical street to do this on.

There is currently an unprotected bike lane on Van Ness between Reno and Connecticut.

DDOT could protect the existing bike lane within the next 1-2 years. The rest will take additional study and planning.
6Bike connections to the new Palisades High SchoolThe new High School has no good bike options at this time. Ideally, the recreation of the Palisades Trolley Trail would provide a connection. Initial steps could be building 1) A connection from Foxhall Road to the back of the GDS campus, and making the back entrance bike accessible, and 2) A 10 ft paved permeable path from Arizona Ave to the Sherier/Nebraska intersection.

Another improvement would be creation of a protected bike lane on Reservoir between 44th and 37th to connect with the Tunlaw/New Mexico/37th lanes.

DCPS is currently studying options, but this is an area crying out for leadership. We’d be happy to collaborate with you on this effort.
7Western and Dalecarlia, from Oregon to Loughboro. This trail would connect many neighborhoods and other bike lanes.DDOT is currently studying the section from Westmoreland Circle to Wisconsin, and could install in 2022 or 2023.

W3BA would like to see DDOT renew efforts on Dalecarlia after the proposed protected bike lane on Western is installed.

The rest of Western will take additional planning.

8Improved connections to the Capital Crescent Trail.Two needed connections are at Arizona Avenue and Norton Avenue.With funding and NPS cooperation, the Arizona connection could happen within the next 2-3 years.
9Rock Creek Park connectionsThe National Park Service released an initial concept study for an East/West multi-use trail on Military from Oregon to 16th Street. There are also opportunities to improve the bike lanes on Tilden and Porter.It will be a multi-year process for NPS to build the infrastructure on Military.

Fixes to Tilden and Porter could happen within the next 2-3 years.

10Wisconsin AvenueWe would like DDOT to begin studying this issue in 2025, after the Connecticut Avenue bike lanes have been completed.