September 13, 2021

New Bike Racks in Ward 3

Ward 3 is getting new bike racks! You may have already noticed many of the inverted “U”-style racks popping up over the past couple of months. So far, the new racks have been installed around the Van Ness, Tenleytown, and Friendship Heights Metro stations.

new bike racks at the Tenleytown Metro Neighborhoods in the ward were seriously low on bike parking prior to this year, however the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has recently been catching up with the increasing demand for bike parking in our neighborhoods.

These maps from DDOT show where the new racks have been installed, the magnitude of number of racks installed, and the locations where demand exists for racks. The first page shows the whole ward, while the following pages show zooms.

Don’t see your multi-family residential building, favorite restaurant, or nail salon shown on the map? To request a bike rack be installed, contact 311 to make a request. A couple tips: 1) think about a location that would have as minimal impact on pedestrians as possible and 2) locations on concrete sidewalks make for a quicker and cheaper install than brick sidewalks, so they can get done more quickly and cost-effectively.

Want to thank someone for a brand spanking new bike rack so you no longer have to park attached to a rusty street sign or young tree? I’m sure DDOT Director, Jeff Marootian ( wouldn’t mind your praise of his agency’s hard work.

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