September 13, 2021

Great proposals for bikers on Nebraska, Mass and other Ward 3 roads. Your voice now needed!

DC’s Department of Transportation is out with preliminary
recommendations for the Rock Creek Far West Livability Study. There’s some
great stuff in there that needs the support of the cycling community. But there
are also some missed opportunities where we need to make our voices heard.

An earlier
blog post
described how this type of study typically works. Read it to get
caught up.

First, the good news. What’s in it that is good? (See the map and spreadsheet)

  • A potential cycletrack (!!) on Nebraska/Loughboro
    between MacArthur Blvd and Ward Circle
  • A widened sidewalk / multi-use path on
    Massachusetts between Westmoreland Circle and Whitehaven Street
  • Bike facilities on Rockwood Parkway, Glenbrook,
    and 49th Street
  • A connection to the Crescent Trail at Arizona
  • A bike facility of some kind on Dalecarlia

What needs work?

  • DC’s Vision Zero plans lays out the need for a protected
    bicycle lane on Arizona, but there’s nothing in the plan on this
  • DDOT suggests bike boulevards could be sufficient
    on Rockwood, Glenbrook, and 49th. Given that boulevards are basically
    sharrows and signs, that is clearly not enough
  • A widened sidewalk is not enough on Massachusetts.
    There should be separate space for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A cycletrack on Nebraska is certainly no
    guarantee; we’ll need a lot of pressure to make that happen.

How can you help? Thanks for asking! There are two ways to
get involved right now:

  1. The first—and best—is to show up at a meeting DDOT is hosting this Saturday, May 18, from 11-1 and Stoddert Elementary (4001 Calvert Street) DDOT will make a short presentation at 11:30.
  2. Get in touch with the study planners. Email and with what you like and what needs to be strengthened.

If you’re interested in helping with this work, please email
us at

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