December 5, 2018

DDOT’s study of Connecticut Avenue

Per the discussion in previous posts here, all the ANCs along Connecticut Avenue–3C, 3F and 3/4G–have passed resolutions calling for a comprehensive study of Connecticut Avenue, including the potential of a protected bicycle lane on this key thoroughfare.

In response, DDOT has put together a draft RFP to study the issue and presented the concept at two community meetings. Per those discussions, DDOT is hoping to select a contractor by early summer 2019 and have the results of the study by spring 2020. DDOT is planning to use federal highway funds to conduct this project.

W3BA today submitted comments on the draft RFP–we had a number of ideas for DDOT to incorporate into the final draft. There are going to be a lot of chances for W3BA members to get involved with this process as it goes along!

Links below to both the draft RFP and W3BA’s letter.

Letter re CT Ave RFP Letter from W3BA to DDOT on CT Ave RFP

DDOT draft RFP on Ct Ave

Next steps are for DDOT to release the final RFP. W3BA will be working with the relevant ANCs, local businesses, and others to build support for the protected bike lane as part of this redesign.

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