About Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA) is a group of citizens who ride bikes to work, for errands and for fun. We are working to make Ward 3 of Washington, D.C. a friendlier place for people of all ages and abilities easier to get around in by bicycle.

To join the W3BA listserv, send a blank email to w3ba-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. With any specific questions, please email ward3ba@gmail.com.  Let us know the ANC you live in and what your priorities might be.

W3BA 2018-2019 Bicycle Infrastructure Priorities (PDF)

Name and brief description Timeline 2018-2019 Actions
Ward-wide Bicycle parking Short-term W3BA to compile revised list of top sites across the Ward, submit to DDOT.

DDOT to install new racks by summer 2019.

Connecticut Avenue protected bike lane Long-term Funding allocated in the FY 19 budget for a comprehensive study; DDOT begins the study.

Pop-up bike lane on CT Ave for BTWD.

ANCs 3C, 3F, 3G pass resolutions calling for comprehensive study of CT Ave.

Increased base of supporters through publicity at events such as Chevy Chase Day and various schools, recruitment at CaBi stations, etc.

Capital Crescent to Rock Creek Park (bike lanes on Loughboro and Nebraska) Long-term DDOT to install Widened sidewalk on Nebraska between 42 Street.
ANC 3C Contraflow bike lanes on Woodley Place Short-term DDOT sends out alerts to ANC Commissioners, posts intent, stripes lanes.
Climbing bike lanes on Cathedral Avenue from Shoreham Drive to Connecticut Short-term DDOT sends out alerts to ANC Commissioners, posts intent, stripes lanes.
ANC 3D Palisades Trolley Trail, which includes the following elements:

-Restoring Foundry Branch Bridge (Foxhall Rd going East to Prospect & 37th St)
-Replacement of Arizona Bridge and most likely crushed stone path from Galena through Palisades Rec Center to Battery Kimble Creek (Sherier & Nebraska converge here)
-Sidewalk on West Side of Arizona to Carolina

Short-term -July 2019 DDOT Study Complete
AZ bridge, crushed stone path, and sidewalk to Carolina are all part of same project.  Might be completed by end of 2019.
Sidewalk on West Side of Arizona from Carolina to CCT trail and Arizona Bridge that goes over Canal Rd Long-term This requires NPS cooperation and will not begin until DC sidewalk to Carolina is completed.
Connect Trolley Trail from Battery Kimble going East to Foxhall Rd and putting up bridges over Reservoir Rd & Clark Pl Long-term Will not begin until Foundry Branch Bridge and AZ projects are completed
ANC 3E Neighborhood bikeways on 42nd / 44th Short/medium term
Widened sidewalk for biking on Western between Mass and River Short/medium term
Lane on Alton Place Long-term
ANC 3F Climbing bike lanes on Reno, 34th (Van Ness to Porter) Short/medium-term DDOT sends out alerts to ANC Commissioners, posts intent, stripes lanes.