Monthly Archive: December 2018


A Vision for the Palisades to Georgetown Trolley Trail

-As a founding W3BA member, I began working on reusing the Glen Echo trolley path as a potential multi-use bike path about 4 years ago.   It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience.  This potential 5 mile trail would...


W3BA meets with Cheh, Marootian

On Thursday December 13, members of W3BA’s Steering committee met with Councilmember Mary Cheh and DDOT Director Jeff Marootian to talk through improvement to the bicycle infrastructure in Ward 3. DDOT’s bicycle goals for Ward 3 in 2019, as discussed...


DDOT’s study of Connecticut Avenue

Per the discussion in previous posts here, all the ANCs along Connecticut Avenue–3C, 3F and 3/4G–have passed resolutions calling for a comprehensive study of Connecticut Avenue, including the potential of a protected bicycle lane on this key thoroughfare. In response,...