November 17, 2018

Protected bicycle lane on CT Avenue–status update

Quick update on the status of getting a protected bicycle lane on Connecticut Avenue:

  • All three ANC’s along Connecticut Avenue in Ward 3—ANC 3C, ANC 3F, and ANC 3G—have all passed resolutions calling on the city to conduct a comprehensive traffic study of Connecticut Avenue; the study needs to include looking at a protected bicycle lane.
  • This comes on top of the Mayor highlighting the elimination of the reversible lane on CT Ave as a priority during the Vision Zero comments.
  • DDOT will be holding two events over the next couple of weeks to start talking to the community about this study. These events will be
    1. At the Cleveland Park library this Monday (11/19/2018) from 7:30-9:00 PM,
    2. At the offices of Van Ness Main Street, 4340 Connecticut Ave next Monday (11/26/2018)

Unanswered questions:

  • Can DDOT begin the study now, or does it need to wait for additional dollars to be allocated in the next DC budget?
  • How long will the study take?
  • How will this study interface with the current redesign of Connecticut Avenue being done north of Dupont Circle? (Note: there’s also an upcoming DDOT meeting to discuss a north/south protected bike lane on 20th, 21st or 22nd between the Mall and Dupont. West End Library from 6-8 on 12/5.)


Looking forward to filling everyone in as more details emerge!

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