November 27, 2018

Notes from November 2018 W3BA Steering Committee meeting

W3BA Steering Committee meeting

November 25, 2018

Attendees: Josh Rising, Ed Carley, Ryan Keefe, Emily Curley, Paul DeMaio, Steve Seelig, Tom Quinn, Troy Kravitz, Brett Young, Talia Coutin

  • Updates
    • Conn Ave
      • DDOT presented at ANC 3C last week. DDOT will draw on federal funds. Main focus is on the reversible traffic lane. Total cost of the study is unclear.
      • Various concerns were shared:
        • The bike lane is underprioritized in the RFP. Can we provide language in the RFP to emphasize that.
        • The study only extends to Legation. The study should go all the way to Western.
        • No mention of Vision Zero in the document at all. Need to emphasize and make sure the final document reflects that.
        • Should have a mission statement or scope of the study. Why is the study being done?
        • RFP doesn’t look at the degree to which travelers would switch to other modes of transportation.
      • Comments are due to DDOT by 12/5/18. W3BA’s comments will:
        • Should state the vision / goal of this
        • Should be comprehensive in scope from the beginning
        • Should explore the degree to which people would switch to other forms of transportation
        • Extend from Western to Columbia
      • W3BA will also begin outreach to business groups and consider using a GGW piece to raise visibility.
    • Woodley Place
      • Proposal to install contraflow lanes. No parking spaces would be lost.
      • W3BA has reached out to the Lee Brian Reba, the ANC member from that area, to schedule a meeting to discuss. It has not been scheduled yet.
    • Reno / 34th
      • 3C section (Porter to Rodman) can be striped. Will either be done this week or will need to wait until the spring.
      • 3F section. Paul will continue working with David Dickinson to get a meeting scheduled with the resident who has concerns.
    • Nebraska / Loughboro.
      • Potential to make progress on this stretch with support of local ANC members.
      • Could have an expanded sidewalk on AU’s property from Wisconsin part Mass Ave to Rockwood. Having AU’s support for this could move this quickly.
      • Then, there could be space for a protected lane on Rockwood.
      • Difficulty in extending this past Wisconsin to the north. Those going to Deal / Wilson would likely need to switch to 40th. This was studied in depth 4-5 years ago. Work put on hold then.
    • Palisades Trolley Trail
  • Meeting with Councilmember Cheh / Commissioner Marootian upcoming on 12/13. Meeting will focus on:
    • Connecticut Ave
    • Nebraska
    • Mass Ave (Nebraska to Dupont)
    • Woodley Place
    • Reno/34th
  • Other
    • Congrats to Talia on the upcoming move to LA. We’ll miss her!


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