Protected bicycle lane on CT Avenue–status update

Quick update on the status of getting a protected bicycle lane on Connecticut Avenue: All three ANC’s along Connecticut Avenue in Ward 3—ANC 3C, ANC 3F, and ANC 3G—have all passed resolutions calling on the city to conduct a comprehensive...


Welcome to Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA) are a group of citizens of D.C.’s Ward 3 working together to make Ward 3 a better place for people of all ages and abilities to get around on bicycles. To join the W3BA listserv,...


Announcement of the formation of Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA) is a new group focused on expediting improvement in the Ward 3 cycling infrastructure, a place blessed with great roads for drivers but with surprisingly few cycling-specific routes. We intend to work closely with existing...