December 19, 2018

A Vision for the Palisades to Georgetown Trolley Trail


-As a founding W3BA member, I began working on reusing the Glen Echo trolley path as a potential multi-use bike path about 4 years ago.   It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience.  This potential 5 mile trail would begin at the Palisades Recreation Center at Galena PL and go 5 miles southwest to terminate at Prospect Street & 37th Street in Georgetown.

In collaboration with W3BA, I have been working with DDOT, WMATA, Council Member Mary Cheh, Council Member Jack Evans, and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to rehabilitate and reuse the Foundry Branch Bridge as a multi-use pedestrian and cycling route from the Palisades to the Georgetown University campus. The complete route could potentially be a 5 mile trail.

Currently there are two projects in play for this trail:

  1. Prevent Demolition of the Foundry Branch Bridge.
    Early in 2018, WMATA requested that the bridge be demolished.   The SHPO committee determined that due to DDOT’s study of the complete route and due to WMATA’s request to demolish by neglect, they rejected WMATA’s request. The next step in this process will be in January where the Mayor’s Agent’s office will make a final determination to either affirm or deny SHPO’s conclusion on the Foundry Branch Bridge.
  2. Separately, DDOT is replacing the bridge over Arizona Ave and has also discussed a potential bike path from Galena to Nebraska & Sherier.   This is currently in discussions with the community but we anticipate feedback from DDOT by Early 2019. 

Finally,  DDOT is currently studying the feasibility of the whole proposed trail.  This includes total costs, feasibility of reuse of the Foundry Branch Bridge, potential amount of usage, etc. This study should be completed by end of 2019 at the latest.

-Brett Young


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